Oasde geeren een artikol zoedt zien, maar zelf giin Uust-Vloamsch djalekt en klapt, kund' unen oanvroag ier zette en we zullen ons best doen van 't artikol te sjchryve. Liefst giin mensche persoonlyk kontakteare, want ter zyn der die da nied azu wys vinde (mensche dan gintreseard zyn goan eu wel kontakteare). We goanme wulder ons best doen van't artikol te sjchryve, moar we kunne nie garandeare da't rap af goa zyn. Toalen damme verstoan zyn: Uust-Vloamsch, Neaderlansch, Ingols en Frans.

If you'd like to see an article on our wiki, but don't talk an East-Flemish dialect yourself, you can place your request for that article here. Please don't contact people in person to request an article, because some members might not like it (members that want to do it, will contact you). We'll do our best to write your article if you request it, although we can't guarantee that it will be finished soon. Languages we understand are East-Flemish, Dutch, English and French.

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