To keep an order in this Wikipedia, below is provided a list of Wikimedian words and other compounds that didn't exist in Proto-Indo-European, but are obligatorily breakable to PIE roots from:

They can't be changed to the non-cognates. Any cognate-breaking changes are disallowed.

English name PIE name PIE Plural
Article Artik̑olom Artik̑oles
Category Klātogeri̯om Klātogeri̯es
List Leizdom Leizdes
Media Medʰi̯om Medʰi̯es
Mediawiki Medʰi̯ogᵘ̯ei̯tom Medʰi̯ogᵘ̯ei̯tes
Meta Metam Metaes
Metawiki Metagᵘ̯ei̯tom Metagᵘ̯ei̯tes
Page Pā̆g̑inom Pā̆g̑ines
Password Pō̆tsou̯erdʰom Pō̆tsou̯erdʰes
Pedia Pəutiom Pəuties
Project Peri̯ēktom Peri̯ēktes
Talk Tolkᵘ̯om Tolkᵘ̯es
Template Templotom Templotes
User Noudos Noudes
Username Noudonomn̥om Noudonomn̥es
Wiki Gᵘ̯ei̯tom Gᵘ̯ei̯tes
Wikimedia Gᵘ̯ei̯tomedʰi̯om Gᵘ̯ei̯tomedʰi̯es
Wikipedia Gᵘ̯ei̯topəutiom Gᵘ̯ei̯topəuties

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