The following non-laryngeal writing system is used sitewide exclusively for the full avaibility of normal word lettercasing. The H# and h# consonants with subscript digits are excluded, since they exists only in laryngeal system not compatible with:

Consonants Edit

Letter IPA pronunciation
b [b]
d [d]
đ [ð]
ð [ð]
g [g]
h [h]
k [k]
l [l]
m [m]
n [n]
p [p]
q [q]
r [r]
s [s]
t [t]
þ [θ]
x [x]
z [z]

Vowels Edit

Letter IPA pronunciation
a [a]
e [e]
ə [ə]
i [i]
o [o]
u [u]

Diacritics Edit

Letter/symbol IPA pronunciation Sound name
[ₑ] Devoicing
ʰ [ʰ] Voiceless glottal fricative release
ˣ [ˣ] Voiceless velar fricative release
◌̑ [◌ʲ] Palatalization
ⁱ̯ [ʲ]
ᵘ̯ [ʷ] Labialization
[j] Consonantization
◌̆ [◌̆] Shortening
◌̄ [◌ː] Lengthening
◌̀ [˨], [◌̀] Low tone
◌́ [˦], [◌́] High tone
◌̥ [◌̩], [◌̍] Syllabic consonant
̣ [̣] Syllable break

Remarks Edit

  • Diacritics can be joined, as in: Sā́u̯elom, Di̯ēuspətērodiu̯esom, etc.

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