Below, there is a list of PIE country names, mandatorily breakable to roots from:

The following country list is the mandatory one that every Wikipedia should have, you can add more if you want without problem.

Suggestion: We can translate the Latin suffixes "-ia" to "i̯ām" (place) (where the [Country's people] are, place of the [Country's] people), e.g.: "Francia, Italia, Germania, etc". We will mainly stick to the Wikipedia List article, take out "-iskom" and place the suffix mentioned above, except for countries whose language has a different name, e.g.: USA-English, Brazil-Portuguese, etc.)

English Local Latin PIE
Brazil Brasil Brasilia Bʰreusolii̯ām
China Zhōngguó Sinae Eng̑onoi̯ām
Francia Bʰreni̯ām
Germany Deutschland Germania Teutoni̯ām
India Bhārata India Sendʰroi̯ām
Iran Irān Irania Arionoi̯ām
Japan Nihon Iaponia Deienpeug̑i̯ām
Korea Chosŏn Corea K̑eustānoi̯ām
Luxemburg Lëtzeburg Luxemburgum Leudobʰerg̑ʰi̯ām
Paraguay Paraguay/Paraguái Paraquaria M̥bʰrogᵘ̯āi̯ām
Russia Rossija Russia Resoi̯ām
Spain España Hispania Speg̑i̯ām
United Kingdom
Regnum Unitum Oinotom Rēg̑i̯om
United States
Civitates Foederatae Oinotes Stādʰes

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