Mother: Get up, Sam. It’s time for school.
Sam: I’m coming.
Mother: Are you getting up?
Sam: Yes, I am.

Mother: Are you sleeping, Sam?
Sam: No, I’m not.
Mother: Well, hurry up! It’s late.

Mother: What are you doing, Betty?
Betty: I’m playing with Trouble.
Mother: Go and wash your hands. It’s time for lunch.
Betty: All right.

It’s time for school and Sam is late. It’s not a nice day. It is raining. The sun is not shining, and it is cold.
  • Is he reading? Yes, he is.
  • Is she drinking? Yes, she is.
  • Is he singing? Yes, he is.
  • Is she running? Yes, she is.
  • Is he watching television? No, he isn’t. He is eating.
  • Is she drinking? No, she isn’t. She is eating.
  • Is he playing? No, he isn’t. He is drawing.
  • Is she reading? No, she isn’t. She is crying.
Betty is eating. What is she doing? She is eating. Betty is eating an apple. She is eating a red apple. Sam is eating strawberries. What is he doing? He is eating strawberries.

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